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Rest For The Wicked.

Gosh! The last few weeks have been a bit … well … yes. Quite. I’ve been working on a commission which for a whole host of reasons too tedious to go into, took slightly longer than expected and was more problematic than I like. Then I had some samples that needed to be sent off […]

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Something Floral

I’ve finished all my jobs for the week and am looking forward to a whole day off tomorrow. I’ve got to do some small jobs for … well that’s news that can wait a little while longer yet, but tomorrow I will be knitting for my friend’s wedding. Remember I told you she asked me […]

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A Tangle of Cables

The second commission is now off the needles. I finished it last night but had to wait for some decent daylight in order to take some photos. Mother Nature, however, had other ideas and today is full of grey dampness. Still, I’m a determined young woman and managed to find something approximating light and took […]

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Cables Galore!

I’ve been working on a commission for the last week or two. I sometimes knit for Eribe Knitwear and a couple of weeks ago, they asked if I’d knit some scarves for them. Lovely chunky yarn is perfect for this chilly weather so I’ve been in heaven. Yes it’s work but I can still enjoy […]

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Groundhog Knit

Have you wondered where all my exciting “this is what I’m currently working on” photos are? Do you miss my teasing “I can’t show you properly” images of samples? Well probably not because no one likes a tease, but you are right. There has been a distinct lack of things for you to look at. […]

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Patience is a Virtue

It’s fair to say that I’m a Type A personality. Being busy is a good thing. Ticking things off a to do list makes my heart sing. There is something very Zen in a nice tidy pile of things done. This is why I like to keep deadlines tight. When I give clients a time […]

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Chelsea Gosling

Last year I was contacted by an MA student, Chelsea Gosling, who needed a hand knitter to work on garments. These garments were to make up part of her final collection. I was more than happy to work with her and over the course of a couple of months knitted 3 mens sweaters.  The other […]

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Revealing All.

Do you remember back in March I was working on a commission? The other day the designer, the rather fabulous Jane Bowler, sent me images of the work I did for her and has given permission for me to post here. It was a really interesting garment to knit since I’d never worked with the […]

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Sample Shadows

With the commission completed, I’ve been back to working on samples. The Spring/Summer collection has really got a lace feel to it which I’m really enjoying. It’s stretching my lace knitting in new directions which is what it’s all about. Trying to fit the lace with the more solid edges makes for some interesting creations […]

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I’ve been a very busy girl, working on a commission. As you know this is sensitive work since I don’t actually own the piece. It makes talking about it quite challenging. How can I show you something that’s taking up most of my waking moments without compromising the design? The first image shows the play […]

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