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The Gift of Time

I have long since thought my husband is pretty amazing but today, he completely made my day. As you may recall, back in September I asked Boy for time for my Christmas gift. I didn’t tell him how he was expected to achieve this, just that, that’s what I wanted. Today he presented me with […]

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Start The Week

As you may know, I’m working with a new system at the moment. I select tasks I must do by the end of the week and then build a timetable around it. So far it’s been really successful. I have a proper work day with a lunch and finishing time and everything. I have evenings […]

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New Additions.

This week of tasks is drawing to a close and I’m making good progress in both the sample studio work and the shop. The 3rd sample for this month is finished and has been added to the blocking pile. I know I’ve mentioned this already this month, but I really am pleased with the sample […]

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A Nice Man Wrote Nice Things.

I’ve been chatting to a lovely man called Josh who runs a specialist website for chaps. Not the usual specialist websites for chaps but one that brings together quality products for the discerning gentleman. All manner of grooming products, accessories and must-haves can be found here but whilst many of Handmade Men’s counterparts are of […]

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What’s A Girl To Do?

I’m sure the last thing you want to do when you get home from work is more of your 9-5. I know when I worked in my previous career, I looked forward to running out the door and filling my evenings with more fun things than grumpy nurses and sick people. Of course that was […]

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Smock My Knit Up

Would you like to see my latest knitting experiment that I’m a bit in love with? This is smocking which is a texture I’ve not worked with before. I used a viscose/silk ribbon which makes for a shiny yarn and also gives it a gorgeous drape. I love the art deco feel this has. It’s […]

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This Week I’ve Been …

Work continues here apace. It’s so nice to feel productive and no time is wasted. My “other job” was cancelled on Monday due to illness, so I cracked on with shop jobs. I’ve got a sweater all finished and ready to add to the shop, I just need to take photos of it. And yes, […]

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Those of you who have had the good fortune to know me for … well any length of time, will know I love a list. I love the sense of feeling organised and focused. It’s also very satisfying to tick things off a list, to see those tasks falling like dominoes.  Sometimes I’ve been known […]

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A Few of My Favourite Things.

I’m still working on studio samples and alongside those, I’ve been folding more paper. It’s really interesting how these folds are inspiring me and they are certainly helping to push the sample work forward. I’ve spent the morning working with folded paper – taking photos and making sketches to record the way the creases interact […]

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A Proper Look See

Normally when I’m working on studio samples, I have to be careful about what I show you because of the nature of how they are sold. Today, however, I’ve been working on some ideas for samples in a sort of “6 degrees of separation” kind of way so I can show you them. It may […]

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