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Cornish Capers

I’ve been away for a few days enjoying a well deserved holiday. It was my husband-to-be’s birthday last month. It ended in a “0”, so I took him away to Cornwall to help drown the trauma in fresh fish and cream tea. I did this entirely for him you understand. I didn’t enjoy a moment […]

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Caithness Craft Collective Interview

I’ve been emailing with the lovely Louise Hunt, who hosts the hugely enjoyable Caithness Craft Collective podcast off and on since last summer. Not only do we share a love of knitting, but we have a similar sense of humour and general outlook on things. A little while ago, Louise asked me if I’d be […]

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Asking the Right Questions

It would be easy to imagine that the life of an international knitwear designer is a simple one. The knitting muses, wake you gently from your slumber with a million and one ideas that are rattled off your needles, sent to the client and everyone relaxes on the veranda with a nice G&T. Or not. […]

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It would be easy to think that, with all my recent posts, I’ve only had time for graveyards. Not true. I’ve also been finishing my Wattlebird sock. This is the series of socks I’m working on inspired by the passwords from the Harry Potter books the first password found in The Chamber of Secrets. […]

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Tempting Glances.

Over the last few posts I’ve talked about the process I go through when I’m designing a garment. That’s not to say that it’s my only method – it all depends on the inspiration – but it is my more usual way of working. The next part of the process is the one that takes […]

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