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Summer Hols.

I know. It’s not even April and I’m thinking about my Summer holidays already. To clarify, I’m not thinking about my holiday, rather, those of my students. Another academic year is rapidly drawing to a close which means my Uni students will be going home and I’ll have more time to work at Triskele and […]

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A Swarm of B’s

My recent time off has proved to be very inspiring. I had some great ideas occur to me for samples and solutions to problems just appeared from nowhere. I’m reminded of a lecture I sat in on the nature of inspiration and what to do to get creativity moving. One of the recommendations was the […]

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Holiday Round-Up

I’m back at work tomorrow and looking forward to it. I’ve enjoyed my rest but I’m bursting with ideas for more samples. For some reason I’m on cable kick mixed with … unconventional construction which isĀ  really exciting. It’s a great feeling to be going back to work with a definite idea. I don’t feel […]

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Spreading The Love

It’s lovely being on holiday. Sleeping in, doing my yoga, relaxing the notion of a to-do list. It’s very nice. I’ve also had some space to sort some out jobs that require some consideration. The most exciting of these (so far) is that I’ve added internationally shipping to my Etsy shop. It might not sound […]

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A Break From The Norm

As of tomorrow, I’m on holiday! I’m a little bit excited. For the last few months I’ve been working with a real focus. Or rather, I’ve been more organised and the progress I’ve been making has felt more substantial. Working with such determination is great but it means that I feel ready for a rest. […]

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Plotting and Scheming.

Where on earth has the last week gone?! Oh yeah in a blur of finishing, blocking & sewing a sweater for the shop. knitting not 1 but 2 samples for Emily and working on a new sock design. Then I lost some time when a lunch out with a friend extended into the evening and […]

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