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A Change To Our Schedhuled Programming

Since today is Saturday, it’s reasonable to expect a post about some talented chap or other. However, I’ve decided to have a little rest over the next few weeks. There’s lots of things happening at Triskele Towers and working on all them, as hard as I have to, means I don’t have time to write […]

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The Day The Mail Arrived

How nice is it to get something in the post that isn’t in a brown envelope and makes you feel depressed? Brown parcels are so much more exciting. If you need poof, check out what came in the post this morning – Lots of lovely Blueface Leicester in cream and a mushroom brown and they […]

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Counting The Cost

It’s that time of the year when we are either counting our pennies and wondering how we’ll afford the impending festivities or thinking “Sod it” and deciding to worry about it later. Which ever way you approach the cost of Christmas, is your own affair – I have employed both in my time – but […]

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Sparking Saturday – SoSatsuma

It’s bloomin’ chilly outside. Time to wrap up warm and snuggle into something woolly. For those of you who don’t knit, might I recommend the chunky creations of SoSatsuma. SoSatsuma describes itself as – [a] contemporary hand knit company, producing in Britain. Focusing on chunky knit wear for stylish little people.¬† Practical, comfortable, beautiful¬† our […]

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A Woman With A Plan

I have many plans in operation at any one time. These range from work and knitting schedules to tedious household stuff and are usually in my diary in a vague attempt to stay sane (No giggling back there). Yesterday I drew up a new plan. It occurred to me that there is a significant public […]

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First Looks at “Hetherington”

Yesterday I started work on a new sweater design. This is becoming a regular opening statement isn’t it but I’ve got a few designs that I need to work on and now commissions are out of the way, I’ve got some time to do just that. You’re not really interested in the why though are […]

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Sparking Saturday – LucyLou Designs

It’s that time of the week to share something pretty. This time it’s stunning silver jewellery by Jo Bignold, the creative genius behind LucyLou Designs. Jo works in her Lancashire studio using traditional silversmithing techniques. Using such a hands-on method means that she can create more unique pieces –   My pieces are either one-offs […]

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Finished “Fraser”

For weeks I’ve been teasing you – would you like to finally see what a finished Fraser looks like? It’s essentially a ribbed sweater but there is a subtle pattern within the work which I really enjoyed knitting. It requires some concentration but stitch markers make my life easier. I’m going to order yarn next […]

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Don’t Ask

There are questions you should never ask a woman without being invited to do so. These range from “How old are you?” to “When are you due?”. Similarly there are questions you should never ask a knitter. To help you here’s a quick list – What will you do with it? Don’t you already have […]

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A Tangle of Cables

The second commission is now off the needles. I finished it last night but had to wait for some decent daylight in order to take some photos. Mother Nature, however, had other ideas and today is full of grey dampness. Still, I’m a determined young woman and managed to find something approximating light and took […]

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