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Peaks and Troughs.

I’ve been a very¬† lucky girl over Christmas. I’ve had the luxury of time over the festive period. Time to spend with family and friends. Time to relax and knit “fun” things (ie not work and all for me). Mostly I’ve been playing with the wonderful gift my husband bought me for Christmas. This is […]

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Success or Failure.

Being halfway through the final month of the year, it’s natural to become reflective and assess the last 11 or so months. I’ve been looking back at challenges I’ve set myself, figuring out if I’ve had a good year. The only real challenge I set myself was a knitting one. I know – that’s really […]

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More Knitting Experiments.

The joy of being on holiday is being able to play!. I’m sorry for the exclamation mark but I am super excited about my knitting plans at the moment. It is so nice to feel really inspired and motivated in my work. Anyway, you’re more interested in what it looks like aren’t you. For a […]

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Knitting Module

Guess what?! I’m on holiday!!! For those observant souls amongst you, you are probably thinking “But the plan was to start your holiday 20th December” and you are indeed right. That was the plan. And now it’s different. For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to finish the shop sweater I’m working on (and nearly […]

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Variations On A Theme.

It would be fair to believe that I only knit sweaters. Or design them. But that isn’t true. I’ve been busy for the the last few weeks, working on some Yule knitting. I’m only making one gift this year and the recipient is very special. I’ve been working on a shawl for them and decided […]

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