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Will I Ever Learn

My husband jokes that I don’t have a work ethic. I just don’t have a stop button. He may have a point. We’re house sitting for his mum at the moment. Whilst she’s away I offered to do some gardening. As you know she’s  moved and inherited a garden that, whilst is not a jungle, […]

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One Stash, Two Stash, Lace Weight, Sock.

The other day I made a rather flippant comment on Twitter that generated quite an interesting debate. The question I asked was Is it wrong i have 2 stashes? First of all, I feel this needs a little qualification. I have a stash for work and a stash for my own personal knitting. There is […]

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What a Difference a Day Makes (Part 2)

Last time was all doom and gloom and woah is me! Then a very exciting thing happened yesterday. I signed a contract for a new studio space! Triskele Designs is moving! I applied for a space a couple of months ago and then forgot about it. I didn’t get an outright “No” so assumed I […]

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