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Sparking Saturday – Katharina Klug

This morning I’d like to focus on the beautiful pottery of Katharina Klug. Katharina studied ceramics in Germany and Austria for 6 years. She now lives and works in Cambridge where she teaches at a local college alongside working as an independent, ceramic artist. Katharina describes her inspiration – My work is about simplicity of […]

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One Down, One to Go.

At the beginning of the week I finished one of my current commissions. There was much relief at finishing on time because it means I’m clear to work on the second one. I’m waiting on yarn at the moment so I can’t do anything. Next week (if the yarn arrives), it’ll be all action but […]

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Sparking Saturday – Ndidi Ekubia

This morning I want to share some beautiful silverware with you from the very talented Ndidi Ekubia. I love Ndidi’s work because she sees the world in a similar way to me – My inspirations stem from the patterns of everyday life: from the cityscape of London through to organic natural forms For someone who […]

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Groundhog Knit

Have you wondered where all my exciting “this is what I’m currently working on” photos are? Do you miss my teasing “I can’t show you properly” images of samples? Well probably not because no one likes a tease, but you are right. There has been a distinct lack of things for you to look at. […]

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Sparking Saturday – Four Beautiful Keys

I have had such a girl crush this week. It’s entirely the fault of Haley Key, the designer behind Four Beautiful Keys, and her gorgeous jewellery she creates in her studio in Suffolk. A business inspired by faith & love which Haley incorporates into each design.   This is the perfect description of what Haley achieves. […]

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The First Step.

What an exciting day I’ve had. Do you recall the post I wrote about a sweater I had designed? The client was really pleased and that gave me an idea. Open a shop.selling my original designs as finished garments. After some encouragement from friends, it’s gone live. At the moment I’m busy with some outside […]

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On The Other Foot

It’s very interesting to be the client rather than the provider. In reality I am often a client – when I go to the corner shop or the cinema I am a customer, but to actually be asked what you want as a client is a very different experience. This is currently mine. I’m working […]

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Sparkling Saturday – Sarah Hamilton Prints

This morning I’d like to share the fun prints and works by Sarah Hamilton. Sarah is a printmaker based in South London who creates an extensive range of cards, wooden blocks, prints and paintings. She talks about her work with such joy, it’s infectious – Every mirror, print, card and woodblock made in my sunny […]

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Do Something Scary

Today I’m offering up a challenge. We all know that doing something scary is good for us. It pushes us and tests us. It causes us to lose control which can be exhilarating. It emboldens and empowers us. Today I filled out my first ever tax form. “Big whoop” I hear you respond but actually, […]

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Sparking Saturday – Sarah and the Moon

Today I want to feature someone I’ve admired for a long time. Sarah Cross is a weaver with passion and a flair for using unconventional yarns within her work. She works with the SAORI style of weaving.If you look at they explain the ethos – In SAORI, on the other hand, we put more importance […]

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