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Normal Service

Panic not gentle reader. I have not abandoned you. Almost 4 weeks ago we had a family emergency which was frankly more important than anything else hence my absence. What time I did have was spent working on some commission knitting. This is not a pity post. I wanted to explain why there hasn’t been […]

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Do you remember the series of posts I wrote about my design process? I talked about what inspires me and how my use of imagery starts to inform the piece. Then I looked at how I choose yarn and final design elements which all work together in a final garment. The piece I was working […]

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Chelsea Gosling

Last year I was contacted by an MA student, Chelsea Gosling, who needed a hand knitter to work on garments. These garments were to make up part of her final collection. I was more than happy to work with her and over the course of a couple of months knitted 3 mens sweaters.  The other […]

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Light and Shade

I’m still thinking about our trip to Cornwall. We stayed in the very beautiful Trereife Park and I found a particular feature inspiring. There was a stunning light fitting within the main staircase which was made of metallic blooms. There are some really nice shapes in the structure. I see this and think of a […]

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Revealing All.

Do you remember back in March I was working on a commission? The other day the designer, the rather fabulous Jane Bowler, sent me images of the work I did for her and has given permission for me to post here. It was a really interesting garment to knit since I’d never worked with the […]

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