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Physician. Knit Thyself.

Today was my first day back at work but I finished early – after all it is a Bank Holiday. The problem I had was that all my knitting had turned to “meh”. There was nothing I felt like knitting. I’ve spent part of my 2 week “holiday” working on either sock blankie or my […]

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Wish List

My Uni students are coming to the end of their classes which means the Summer is fast approaching and I will have some more time to spend at the studio. This has got me thinking about the sorts of projects I’d like to be more involved in. Moreover it’s a list of people I’d love […]

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Will I Ever Learn

My husband jokes that I don’t have a work ethic. I just don’t have a stop button. He may have a point. We’re house sitting for his mum at the moment. Whilst she’s away I offered to do some gardening. As you know she’s  moved and inherited a garden that, whilst is not a jungle, […]

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One Stash, Two Stash, Lace Weight, Sock.

The other day I made a rather flippant comment on Twitter that generated quite an interesting debate. The question I asked was Is it wrong i have 2 stashes? First of all, I feel this needs a little qualification. I have a stash for work and a stash for my own personal knitting. There is […]

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Current Inspiration

Boy and I are currently house-sitting for his mum. I love being here because I get to play in a fabulous garden. I always find it inspiring to wander around and see what I notice. Would you like to come with me? Everywhere are lines and shapes that lead me to knitting. I see areas […]

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It’s Good To Talk

It is often said “A problem shared is a problem halved”. How often do we experience that? I’m guessing quite often. Had a crap day at work or a project not work out the way we wanted and we reach for the phone and call a friend. We may cry, bitch and moan about the […]

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The Story So Far …

Having been at the new place for a week, I’ve unpacked pretty much all I can. I’ve still got some boxes to go but I’m waiting on some other pieces of furniture to arrive so that I can put those last bits away. I know some people are keen to see where Triskele Designs now […]

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Fortuna Major

While I’ve spent the last month or so packing and moving and settling, I’ve not been idle. Or rather, I’ve not allowed other people to be idle. I’ve had people testing my latest sock pattern. It’s so easy to miss potential issues either by thinking you’ve done a thing (and haven’t) or by assuming the […]

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May Day Moving

Today is the 1st of May. Beltane Festival in the pagan calendar & moving day for me! Anyone who has read this blog recently will know that I’m moving into a proper, grown up studio space and that I’m excited about that. But no-one has seen it yet. This morning I picked up the keys […]

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