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Control Freak?

The title is not a criticism. It’s a question. Did you see the punctuation mark there at the end? It’s a question I’m pondering. Before we go further, I should make my position clear. I am a control freak. It’s not always obvious and can surprise people who don’t know me because I appear to […]

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Patience is a Virtue

It’s fair to say that I’m a Type A personality. Being busy is a good thing. Ticking things off a to do list makes my heart sing. There is something very Zen in a nice tidy pile of things done. This is why I like to keep deadlines tight. When I give clients a time […]

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Sparking Saturday – Electrobloom

Today I want to share something with you that just makes me smile. Electrobloom is the brainchild of Mark Bloomfield and is one of the best uses of 3D printing I’ve seen.   You see! How can these not make you smile?! Mark has an MA (RCA) and is a trained jeweller. Alongside this, he […]

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Downtime Knitting

Some of you may remember that I mentioned an event in June. On the 21st June I got married. We started with a registry office ceremony for the legal element which was followed by us gathering in a local wood with our family and friends for a pagan handfasting. The handfasting was a wonderful ceremony […]

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Sparking Saturday – Justine Nettleton.

Today I want to feature the work of Justine Nettleton, an artist based in Nottingham/Derbyshire, who creates beautifully vibrant paintings and jewellery. Justine explains her inspiration – I moved to Long Eaton, Nottingham in 2003 and began making a daily bike ride around West Park to keep fit and unwind. I quickly realised that the […]

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Rome Wasn’t Built in Day

This week I’ve been mostly working on a sweater for my next designer step. It’s a design that I love knitting and one that you’ve seen before. This design is called “Roman” and is one of my favourites because of the elongated stitch which gives the sweater an open texture. This works really well in […]

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This morning I had a wonderful parcel in the post.  I bet you can’t guess what is in the box! I’ve been ordering yarn for my line of finished garments. Sheepfold is a wonderful shop that is committed to supplying British yarn and particularly fibre from rare breeds. I love the quality of the product […]

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Sparking Saturday – Dovecot Tapestry Studio

I love colour. I get really giddy when I see a range of yarns in a the shades of the rainbow and start to think of the endless combinations. So imagine my excitement when I discovered Dovecot Tapestry Studio. The studio is a light, airy place – the perfect place to create – and look […]

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Starting Again.

Well, the samples arrived at the studio and seemed to meet with the approval of Emily (the boss). Now we just have to see what potential clients think. However, I am now starting to plan for the next set of samples. I’m still working with the same theme as before and focusing on menswear but […]

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Sparking Saturday – Nicola Crocker.

This week I joined twitter. I’ve resisted for a long time but I realised I need it for work. Not only is it an immediate promotional tool but it’s also excellent at allowing me to discover other incredible designers and makers. So I’ve decided to introduce “Sparking Saturday” – a chance for me to share […]

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