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As you know, I freelance as a knitwear designer. I’ve been busy with boy sweaters of late but I’ve still found time for sample knitting which is just as well since I’ve been selling very regularly and the studio I freelance for has been asking for more. I normally have ideas posted on my studio […]

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Wish List

My Uni students are coming to the end of their classes which means the Summer is fast approaching and I will have some more time to spend at the studio. This has got me thinking about the sorts of projects I’d like to be more involved in. Moreover it’s a list of people I’d love […]

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Current Inspiration

Boy and I are currently house-sitting for his mum. I love being here because I get to play in a fabulous garden. I always find it inspiring to wander around and see what I notice. Would you like to come with me? Everywhere are lines and shapes that lead me to knitting. I see areas […]

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A Swarm of B’s

My recent time off has proved to be very inspiring. I had some great ideas occur to me for samples and solutions to problems just appeared from nowhere. I’m reminded of a lecture I sat in on the nature of inspiration and what to do to get creativity moving. One of the recommendations was the […]

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I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the words “I’ve been working on samples” because you know I can’t share pictures. However, at the moment, I’ve been doing a fair amount of sample knitting. Partly because I’m planning a holiday in March but also because I’ve been working with some fabulous inspiration and that I can share […]

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More Knitting Experiments.

The joy of being on holiday is being able to play!. I’m sorry for the exclamation mark but I am super excited about my knitting plans at the moment. It is so nice to feel really inspired and motivated in my work. Anyway, you’re more interested in what it looks like aren’t you. For a […]

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Autumnal Spinning

We’ve been staying with my mother-in-law for the last few days. There are many reasons I love staying with her – she’s very relaxed, teases Boy and has a lovely selection of wine – but the thing I enjoy most is that she has a garden. I love nothing more than wandering around whilst eating […]

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Fabric OF Britain – Knitting’s Golden Age.

Last night I spent an enjoyable hour in the company of knitters. BBC 4 had a programme about “Knitting’s Golden Age”. It was very interesting to see which way they took it and it was a safe bet that in the hands of BBC 4 it would be a thoughtful piece with actual facts. I […]

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The Seeds of Inspiration

Boy and I have recently become proud parents. Panic not. Before you worry this blog will be over run with bootee patterns and matinee jackets, let me explain. We don’t have actual children. Nor is it the up-coming event. Put your head between your knees and breathe. That dizzy sensation will soon pass. The management […]

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Light and Shade

I’m still thinking about our trip to Cornwall. We stayed in the very beautiful Trereife Park and I found a particular feature inspiring. There was a stunning light fitting within the main staircase which was made of metallic blooms. There are some really nice shapes in the structure. I see this and think of a […]

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