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Twisted Knit Group 2

Yesterday I published “Twisted Knit Group” – the sock I designed as part of our knit group challenge. This is the one I knitted in a high twist Socktopus yarn which I highly recommend. It shows off the cable beautifully. There is pattern on every row but once you’ve done a repeat, it’s got a […]

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Sock Week – The Result

As you can see, I finished 3 socks this week. The first is my “Twisted Knit Group” sock, the middle one is the 2nd sock for Boy and the right-hand sock is my “Earth” sock – another KAL. Now the sharp eyed reader will remember I had a fourth sock to complete. I ended up […]

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An invitation.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been staying with a friend in London. We spent time catching up and knitting, laughing and generally relaxing. All the time (well most of the time) I’ve been plugging away at the socks for sock week. I was getting ready to leave yesterday and head home, when I […]

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Sock Week

This week I’m planing on a sock finish. Of course this isn’t just one sock. It’s 4. Two of them are KAL socks that I’ve designed, one is for my fiance (to go with the first one I’ve already completed), and the final sock is the next sock in my “Beyond the Fat Lady” series. […]

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More Shadows

I’ve been working on more studio samples and I thought I’d share. I’m currently working on samples for Spring/Summer 15 so I’ve working with lots of lace structure and light yarns. Each sample is also starting to inform the next one I knit. I’m having plenty of “Oo. I could try this next” moments. It […]

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Shadows of Work

For some time now I’ve been talking about studio work without actually showing any images. This isn’t because I’m a wicked tease but because of the nature of selling samples. Once I sell them to the client. the sample no longer belongs to me. This is absolutely fine – as a designer, it’s one of […]

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Twisted Knit Group

I had such a moment of pride yesterday it actually made me squeal I belong to a knit group that meets twice a month in a local pub. At our final knit of the year last December we were talking about Knit a Longs (KALs) because some members had just completed some. It was suggested […]

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Pig Snout

Today I’ve been sorting out the final edits for my latest sock pattern – Pig Snout This is the second sock in my “Beyond the Fat Lady” series – socks inspired by the passwords used within the Harry Potter books. Pig Snout is the second password of the first book – Harry Potter and the […]

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Begin at the beginning

Another busy week of work in all it’s many and varied forms. I had a work commitment over the weekend which meant I spent Monday and Tuesday catching up. However, catch up I did and yesterday I planned out some new studio samples. As ever they are top secret but I’m really pleased with the […]

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