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Autumnal Spinning

We’ve been staying with my mother-in-law for the last few days. There are many reasons I love staying with her – she’s very relaxed, teases Boy and has a lovely selection of wine – but the thing I enjoy most is that she has a garden. I love nothing more than wandering around whilst eating […]

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Sparking Saturday – Claire Lowe

I’m really excited to be featuring a jewellery designer who uses two of my favourite things. The reason behind one of those things is explained in the pages of her site – Claire is a keen tea drinker and at university started to use tea as a material, as her experimentation progressed she became interested […]

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Block Party!

The last few post have been quite introspective. I’m sure  you’re desperate for something less navel-gazey. Let me assist. I’ve been blocking a sweater but not any old sweater. No siree bob. This is the first proper view of “Fraser”. I’m really pleased with the effect and how well it’s blocked. I’m working on the […]

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Sometimes I think I’m doing well. At other times I look at what I still have to do and feel overwhelmed. I value my diary almost more than my knitting because it keeps me on track. There are jobs that I want to have started/completed for a given week. They get put into a day. […]

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Sparking Saturday – Lubilou

It’s grey outside and I’m still getting over my cold so I want something that is gentle and has a sense of humour. What better than Lubilou? Working in ceramics, Lubilou makes quirky handmade ceramic sheep, chickens, brooches and other creations. The most vital element to Lubilou is texture – “I always add texture. This […]

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Packing Up For The Winter

As the Starks tell us, Winter Is Coming There is a definite chill in the air and the sky has that bright, crisp shade of blue which is the calling card of Winter. This is the signal for leaving the house with gloves and scarves, snuggling into a cosy jumper and putting the barbecue away […]

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Sparking Saturday – Dollydoo.

With the weather turning cooler and everything becoming bleak and grey, it’s important to enjoy something bright. With that in mind, I’d like to share Dollydoo. The creative outlet for Emily Jeffrey, Dollydoo is a collection of handmade applique cushions and felt pictures. They are full of fun and whimsy and put me in mind […]

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Work began this week on sweater number 3 for my collection. Now that Wilson is finished, I’ve been able to start with “Fraser”. This has been pretty well planned so it just needed to be executed. For the last 2 days my needles have been knitting up a storm and I’m keen to share a […]

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Wilson Part 2

Finally my model issues were resolved and I’ve been able to get photos of “Wilson” on a real human being. It’s always a nervy moment as you realise something may be wrong with the design but I’m really happy with the finished results. Now it’s all done, I can add it to my collection and […]

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Sparking Saturday – Tori Murphy

I  love patterns. They soothe my brain and make my eyes relax. Do you remember Magic Eye pictures? I can’t do those because I have the wrong shaped eyeball. (Yes that really is a thing and really why the pictures exist in the first place. They are an ophthalmic diagnostic tool) For me strong geometric […]

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