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A New Roman In Town

I’ve had another busy day finishing sweaters. Today I’ve been working on a new “Roman” sweater. This is in a beautifully, rich brown, Think of a dark, strong coffee – lovely, warm and comforting. The yarn as ever comes from Sheepfold and is lovely to work with. Not only is it soft and nicely spun, […]

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Today, I’ve been sewing up my Wilson sweater whilst enjoying the last of the sunshine.   I’m really pleased with the results. This particular design is a favourite of mine and I’m so pleased that I’m able to add it to my collection. I’ve had some issues with my model so you need to hang […]

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Sparking Saturday – Woah There Pickle

Would you like to see something bright and cheerful this morning? Then look no further! Woah There Pickle is the linocut print creative outlet for Vicky Day, a Brighton based print maker. As you know, I find print damn near impossible so when I see prints as bright and vibrant as this, I am in […]

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“Wilson” – First Glimpse.

“Wilson” finally came off the needles the other day so it’s currently being blocked. While it was all stretched and gorgeous, I thought I’d take some shots for you – It may look straight forward but the stitch is what makes this garment a little bit different. The fabric is quite dense, making ir lovely […]

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Emails of Joy!

Work is continuing apace. Just as one sweater has finished blocking, another seems ready for soaking and pinning. The other day, as I scrabbled over damp knitting with a tape measure trying not to put my knee in a pin, I decided I really do need some blocking wires. This is not a recent realisation. […]

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Sparking Saturday – Annette Yates Jewellery.

Are you in the mood for something pretty? Well gentle reader, sit yourself down and enjoy the creations of Annette Yates. Annette is a jewellery designer based in Monmouthshire. Her work has a distinctly Celtic feel to it which appeals to me enormously. Well it would. But it’s the thought, Annette holds in her design […]

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Fabric OF Britain – Knitting’s Golden Age.

Last night I spent an enjoyable hour in the company of knitters. BBC 4 had a programme about “Knitting’s Golden Age”. It was very interesting to see which way they took it and it was a safe bet that in the hands of BBC 4 it would be a thoughtful piece with actual facts. I […]

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This Week I Have Mostly Been …

Well actually, I’ve mostly been wrapped up in blankets on a sofa while the cold my husband had been incubating, decided it had imposed on his hospitality enough and it was time for a change of scenery. Normally my body is a temple. Currently it is a holiday complex for what feels like the bacterial […]

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Sparking Saturday – Kettle Yarn Co

Isn’t it always the way. No yarny related Sparking Saturdays and then two come along at once. However, this is my blog and I can do what I want. Plus I have quite the girl crush on the lovely Linda Lencovic. Linda isĀ  a Canadian born, UK-based yarn dyer with a beautiful sense of subtle […]

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New Projects.

The second commission is finished! Of course now the work is over, I’ve succumbed to the bacteria my husband has been incubating for the last few days. So I’m curled up on the sofa with warm blankets and being kept in tea. (Being my personal chai wallah is the least Boy can do). However, I […]

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