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Guess what?! I’m on holiday!!!

For those observant souls amongst you, you are probably thinking “But the plan was to start your holiday 20th December” and you are indeed right. That was the plan. And now it’s different. For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to finish the shop sweater I’m working on (and nearly finished) and then to start my holiday. I’ve been desperate to start some ideas I’ve had kicking around for ages and I just can’t wait.

In fact I’ve started some “fun” knitting before finishing my shop sweater. I know! Kerrrrazy!

I was at my other job yesterday morning and an idea for some modular knitting came to me. I had to stop off at the hardware shop yesterday to buy some essential equipment.


Yes washers are part of the knitting plan.

I’ve been looking at modular knitting. It’s not a new thing to me but it’s something I’ve been wanting to explore further especially in terms of connecting and linking. Yesterday, whilst at work, an idea struck me. This morning I’ve been working on it.

005 003 001

The above is the first draft of the idea. I prefer to work these things out on the needles. It’s how I think and problem solve so it makes sense to do it that way.


So I made a smaller version of it and I think it works beautifully.


Now before you tell me that the yarn is a bit … meh, yes it is. I know that. I tend to work in a cream DK weight when I start these ideas to see if I can make them work. Just the mechanics of the idea. Once I’ve worked through that aspect, I’ll transfer it to a more suitable weight of yarn. So far I am completely in love with this experiment. Now I’ll think about the next bit.

I’ll keep you posted.


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