Sparking Saturday – Annette Yates Jewellery.

Are you in the mood for something pretty? Well gentle reader, sit yourself down and enjoy the creations of Annette Yates.

Annette is a jewellery designer based in Monmouthshire. Her work has a distinctly Celtic feel to it which appeals to me enormously. Well it would. But it’s the thought, Annette holds in her design process that really appeals  –

While my designs are often influenced by my Welsh roots and the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside, my inspiration can just as easily come from simple shapes and textures, and of course YOU, the individual for whom I’m making.

You spotted it didn’t you? Textures and the consideration of “YOU”. It’s that thought of the customer interacting with the end product that really makes great design. Something distinctive yet wearable.


A stunning bit of sparkle.

A stunning bit of sparkle.


You I can't resist a spiral.

You I can’t resist a spiral.


Wonderfully textured bracelet.

Wonderfully textured bracelet.


You can absolutely see the Celtic influence within these pieces but also there’s an element of playfulness and of course, all the pieces are hugely wearable.

They are pieces that don’t shriek. Rather they smile seductively at you. Maybe over a Martini. This is elegant sophistication.

Annette was a food writer in a former life before discovering a silver jewellery workshop near Abergavenny. I honestly think that people who have a career change bring something different to the way they approach their new creative life. You learn a different set of skills than the ones you develop as a creative. I know from personal experience that I am still influenced by my former life and I can see the same thing with Annette’s work. It’s hard to explain and certainly not something that is glaringly obvious or detracts from the pieces, rather it enhances them, As I said earlier the result is something that has a quiet air to it.

Whatever the influence, Annette’s jewellery is gorgeous. If you’d like to see more then visit her site and enjoy.


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