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Creative Living

I really don’t know how to start this post. First let me put your mind at rest. All is well at Triskele Towers. I’m working too¬† hard at the moment but that will come to a glorious end in a fortnight’s time. Commissions are being knitted, deadlines are hurtling towards me and general activity is […]

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Bucks Open Studio

It’s been all go round here. Non-stop surprise parties, birthday celebrations and unexpected babies. (Other peoples not mine) In amongst this I’ve been working on a commission. The next few weeks look like they’re going to be busy too as Commercial Square Studios gear up for Bucks Open Studios For the next 3 weeks, studios […]

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The Story So Far …

Having been at the new place for a week, I’ve unpacked pretty much all I can. I’ve still got some boxes to go but I’m waiting on some other pieces of furniture to arrive so that I can put those last bits away. I know some people are keen to see where Triskele Designs now […]

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May Day Moving

Today is the 1st of May. Beltane Festival in the pagan calendar & moving day for me! Anyone who has read this blog recently will know that I’m moving into a proper, grown up studio space and that I’m excited about that. But no-one has seen it yet. This morning I picked up the keys […]

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Pause for Breath

Yesterday I helped move my mother-in-law into her new home. As you can imagine, it was a long day but it flew by and we achieved an awful lot. I returned to my home yesterday evening after almost 3 weeks away, exhausted. Thanks to my amazing husband who plied me with beer and pizza and […]

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Moving Mania

It’s manic here at the moment. The same day I signed my studio contract, my mother-in-law rang to let me know that the sale of her house has been agreed and that she needs to move by the 29th. Of this month. She has somewhere to move to and it’s vacant which makes life easier […]

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What a Difference a Day Makes (Part 2)

Last time was all doom and gloom and woah is me! Then a very exciting thing happened yesterday. I signed a contract for a new studio space! Triskele Designs is moving! I applied for a space a couple of months ago and then forgot about it. I didn’t get an outright “No” so assumed I […]

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New Additions.

This week of tasks is drawing to a close and I’m making good progress in both the sample studio work and the shop. The 3rd sample for this month is finished and has been added to the blocking pile. I know I’ve mentioned this already this month, but I really am pleased with the sample […]

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Sample Shadows

With the commission completed, I’ve been back to working on samples. The Spring/Summer collection has really got a lace feel to it which I’m really enjoying. It’s stretching my lace knitting in new directions which is what it’s all about. Trying to fit the lace with the more solid edges makes for some interesting creations […]

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More Shadows

I’ve been working on more studio samples and I thought I’d share. I’m currently working on samples for Spring/Summer 15 so I’ve working with lots of lace structure and light yarns. Each sample is also starting to inform the next one I knit. I’m having plenty of “Oo. I could try this next” moments. It […]

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