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Meet The Boys (Part 2)

So you’ve seen “Wilson” and “Roman”, would you like to see the rest? “Fraser” This is named for my brother. It uses a shifting rib pattern to create subtle chevrons while the sleeves are a plain rib which gives a slim looking sweater. It’s knitted in the yarn I make in the studio and this sample was knitted […]

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Meet The Boys (Part 1)

Gosh where has the time gone? Well honestly, in a whirlwind of work, students, more work, family things, sample knitting and working out sweaters for my very own collection. The sample knitting is going well and I’ve been selling very regularly in Paris, New York and Florence. It feels good to have that happening in […]

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The Story So Far …

Having been at the new place for a week, I’ve unpacked pretty much all I can. I’ve still got some boxes to go but I’m waiting on some other pieces of furniture to arrive so that I can put those last bits away. I know some people are keen to see where Triskele Designs now […]

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May Day Moving

Today is the 1st of May. Beltane Festival in the pagan calendar & moving day for me! Anyone who has read this blog recently will know that I’m moving into a proper, grown up studio space and that I’m excited about that. But no-one has seen it yet. This morning I picked up the keys […]

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Pause for Breath

Yesterday I helped move my mother-in-law into her new home. As you can imagine, it was a long day but it flew by and we achieved an awful lot. I returned to my home yesterday evening after almost 3 weeks away, exhausted. Thanks to my amazing husband who plied me with beer and pizza and […]

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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by the very talented Sarah Cross. Some of the questions really made me think but it was really good fun. She asked me about how I got started as a knitwear designer and about my plans for the future. If you want to read about what my dream […]

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What a Difference a Day Makes (Part 2)

Last time was all doom and gloom and woah is me! Then a very exciting thing happened yesterday. I signed a contract for a new studio space! Triskele Designs is moving! I applied for a space a couple of months ago and then forgot about it. I didn’t get an outright “No” so assumed I […]

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Handsome and Rugged

This week I’ve started work on anew sweater for the shop. This is going to be a “Fraser” with the yarn coming from the fabulous Sheepfold. The yarn is a Black Leicester Longwool in a grey colour. I love how there are shades of grey within this yarn making it more mottled without being a […]

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Summer Hols.

I know. It’s not even April and I’m thinking about my Summer holidays already. To clarify, I’m not thinking about my holiday, rather, those of my students. Another academic year is rapidly drawing to a close which means my Uni students will be going home and I’ll have more time to work at Triskele and […]

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Spreading The Love

It’s lovely being on holiday. Sleeping in, doing my yoga, relaxing the notion of a to-do list. It’s very nice. I’ve also had some space to sort some out jobs that require some consideration. The most exciting of these (so far) is that I’ve added internationally shipping to my Etsy shop. It might not sound […]

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