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I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the words “I’ve been working on samples” because you know I can’t share pictures. However, at the moment, I’ve been doing a fair amount of sample knitting. Partly because I’m planning a holiday in March but also because I’ve been working with some fabulous inspiration and that I can share […]

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Groundhog Knit

Have you wondered where all my exciting “this is what I’m currently working on” photos are? Do you miss my teasing “I can’t show you properly” images of samples? Well probably not because no one likes a tease, but you are right. There has been a distinct lack of things for you to look at. […]

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Starting Again.

Well, the samples arrived at the studio and seemed to meet with the approval of Emily (the boss). Now we just have to see what potential clients think. However, I am now starting to plan for the next set of samples. I’m still working with the same theme as before and focusing on menswear but […]

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No Rest for The Wicked

I can only assume I’ve been very naughty in a previous life! I’ve started working with the new studio, so I’m in the midst of sample production. The owner is off to New York next week so I’m trying to get things together for her to take with her. There’s a nice collection of samples […]

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Tempting Glances.

Over the last few posts I’ve talked about the process I go through when I’m designing a garment. That’s not to say that it’s my only method – it all depends on the inspiration – but it is my more usual way of working. The next part of the process is the one that takes […]

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

So the next stage of my process is to work with images. They can either be from my own imagination if the idea is a more abstract one or from photos and images I collect. For example a while ago I was reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.  This got me thinking of the […]

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