Essential Desert Islands

Whilst I’ve been helping my mother-in-law pack up her house, I’ve only been able to work on sample knitting. However, I can read about knitting.

I read 2 blog posts within only a few hours of each other but that covered the same topic. What are the must have tools for knitting?

The first was written by the fabulous Cleio G  You can read it here and she makes some excellent suggestions. Some are old favourites – scissors are a must, as is a tapestry needle – others are a real revelation to me. Crochet cotton is a genius suggestion that had me exclaiming “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

I retweeted this and within minutes, the highly knowledgeable Abso-knitting-lutely, pointed me towards her  blog post. This was a more light-hearted/fantasy post based on essential Sunday morning listening. Desert Island Discs. If you’ve never come across this before, someone is cast away on a fictional island and can take 8 discs (songs) with them plus one luxury item. Here the discs are replaced with 4 essentials and the luxury has a knitterly bias.

I’m not sure I’d worry about knitting needles. In my fantasy, I cobble something together out of tree branches. As for yarn. In my head, I’d explore other fibres such as palm leaf fibres and softened tree bark. If I found sheep or another hairy animal, that would be great, but I want to play with my environment.

So what would be my luxury? That’s hard. My immediate thought after reading both lists was “But where is the wine?!” so that’s a consideration but maybe I’ll crack home brewing on my island home. so my list is as follows.

1 Madeline Tosh yarn. I want to explore the island and use weird materials for my creations but sometimes a girl just wants softness. (And in my fantasy, I’ve been shipwrecked when a boat carrying a container of Tosh that was en route to the UK and ran aground. By sheer chance the container made it ashore. Hey! My fantasy, my rules)

2 Scissors. I am not cutting Tosh with my Swiss army knife.

3 Swiss Army knife. I am not cutting tree bark with my teeth, Even if it is softened.

4 A notebook & pencil. My head spins if I can’t get ideas out of there and onto something solid.

Luxury – Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. All 7 volumes. To be honest, that man could read the phone book and I’d be happy, but he might as well read something I find inspiring.

Everything else I make. It wouldn’t necessarily be perfect but I’d only have to please myself. And I’d be very happy.

Now I need to check how to ferment coconut liquid. You never know when that ship might run aground.


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