Sparking Saturday – Katharina Klug

This morning I’d like to focus on the beautiful pottery of Katharina Klug.

Katharina studied ceramics in Germany and Austria for 6 years. She now lives and works in Cambridge where she teaches at a local college alongside working as an independent, ceramic artist.

Katharina describes her inspiration –

My work is about simplicity of design and form. I am drawn to creating vessels of all kinds, and I am inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery as well as the outstanding works of Lucy Rie and Rupert Spira.

Her process has an organic quality that feeds into the finished work –

When creating the pot, I try to achieve balance and stability. I make each piece as a one-off, but I create small series when I work on a theme .When I decorate, I use natural forms and rudimentary patterns which are pressed, scraped, or stuck to the pot’s surface.


"Moonlit Birch" - Silver Birch bark in negative.

“Moonlit Birch” – Silver Birch bark in negative.


I love the flashes of colour in the “Moonlit Birch” range.

"Deep Sea" sandy beaches and waves.

“Deep Sea” sandy beaches and waves.

"Broken Land" has the feel of dry, parched a rich texture to the piece.

“Broken Land” has the feel of dry, parched a rich texture to the piece.3jugs-2

The pieces simple appearance is deceptive. To make something so clean and elegant takes skill and a gentle touch. It’s about knowing when to leave the item alone. It is so easy to add and add and end up with something that is too busy. Katharina is experienced enough to understand that less is more and so creates beautiful pottery.

For more of Katharina’s work visit her site. If you wish to own a piece, then visit the sotckist list for details of the online shop and various galleries who stock Katharina’s creations.

On her twitter profile, Katharina states she is on the quest to make the perfect porcelain pot. To me she is almost there. But don’t tell her, I don’t want her to stop making these gorgeous art works.


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